VIAVI ObserverLIVE SaaS-based network monitoring for enterprises now available as a service globally.

As enterprise IT teams strive to stay ahead of the evolution of their networks and services on premises and in the cloud, VIAVI has enhanced its Observer network  monitoring portfolio with the SaaS-based, active test monitoring of ObserverLIVE.

This new cloud-enabled, subscription-based service can be precisely tailored and adapted to dynamic usage models to ensure end-user experience in a world where employees connect from anywhere.

“As the only vendor offering both traditional and SaaS-based solutions for network performance monitoring and diagnostics, VIAVI excels at helping enterprise IT build a flexible, scalable structure to solve tomorrow’s problems today,” says Doug Roberts, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise and Cloud Business Unit, VIAVI Solutions.

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It’s no secret that enterprises worldwide are embracing cloud services. In the VIAVI State of the Network survey, more than four out of five respondents said they would be using public or private cloud by 2017, and over half said they would have the majority of their applications in the cloud.

Likewise, employees are becoming increasingly mobile. According to, studies show that they are not at their desks over half of the time they are working. This any-to-any networking model leads to loss of visibility and control, increasing IT teams’ challenges in tracking end-user experience and SLA enforcement.

“The migration of applications to the cloud is forcing IT operations teams to evolve their performance monitoring solutions,” says Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. “Our research has shown that synthetic transaction-based monitoring from products like ObserverLIVE, when combined with packet-based monitoring solutions, can give organizations comprehensive insight into end-user experience regardless of where the application is hosted or the user resides.”

Today, as VIAVI leverages its leadership in network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) to launch ObserverLIVE, this subscription-based service which actively assesses end-user experience in hybrid environments, helps to ensure that users can effectively access and use core business applications. ObserverLIVE virtual agents are available to validate critical business application performance globally, supporting the geographic needs of Fortune 1000 enterprises worldwide.

ObserverLIVE tests include:

  • Service responsiveness – monitors availability and end-user response times for on-premises and SaaS applications
  • Network performance – standards-based testing of network connections yields key performance indicators and performance baselines
  • VoIP quality – assesses the quality and consistency of VoIP traffic delivered across public or private end-to-end connections
  • Troubleshooting – deployed to end users’ systems on demand, investigates and helps resolve performance problems

In addition to leveraging the Observer technology base, ObserverLIVE is enabled by the VIAVI NITRO real-time intelligence platform, using the same virtual agent technology as previously introduced for service provider networks. ObserverLIVE is the first offering in the NITRO Enterprise category of solutions for enterprise and cloud network performance management.

“Powered by the real-time intelligence of NITRO Enterprise, ObserverLIVE enables quick and efficient management of end-user experience anywhere, anytime, across hybrid IT environments, which is critical to solving the biggest issues in application and service troubleshooting,” says Roberts.

With ObserverLIVE, organizations can begin monitoring in as little as ten minutes, tapping into cloud agents around the world for real-time analytics.

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