Rolling out DOCSIS 3.1 alone will not be enough to meet long-term subscriber bandwidth demands, which is why many operators are linking their DOCSIS 3.1 rollout with the migration to distributed access architectures (DAA) like Remote PHY.

To learn more about how VIAVI can help simplify your transition to Remote PHY, download our new solution brief.

DAA is disruptive to existing HFC maintenance practices as it removes RF test points from hubs, but VIAVI has you covered with a complete portfolio of DAA-ready tools to provide continuity of test and make the migration seamless. At the center of the portfolio is XPERTrak, VIAVI’s latest HFC maintenance system designed to identify specific plant issues creating the greatest churn risk, where to go and what to do to address them, and support the find and fix process:

  • Architecture and network equipment vendor neutral solution insulates techs from the underlying plant complexities of DAA
  • QoE-focused approach ensures that techs are working to efficiently resolve the problems that really matter to minimize churn
  • Interacts with VIAVI meters including ONX-CATV to enable meter based return sweep for DAA nodes and accelerate MTTR.

OneExpert CATV ONX-630 offers sweep, and now comes with enhanced noise/ingress troubleshooting features to help techs find and fix network issues quickly. Keep your network maintenance test data on file with simple synchronization with StrataSync.


Need more information? Download this DAA solution brief. To see VIAVI DOCSIS 3.1 solutions, visit our website.

Want to see how VIAVI can help you with a smooth migration? Request a demo of our OneExpert CATV solution, speak to a sales representative or visit us in VIAVI booth 1387 or Trilithic booth 153 at the SCTE/ISBE Cable-Tec Expo this week!

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