JDSU participated in TIA’s “Network of the Future” event in a big way this week.  JDSU is not only a member of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), we are also proud to have a seat on their board.  TIA is a highly regarded industry association that represents manufacturers and suppliers of global communications networks through standards development, policy and advocacy, and more.  According to TIA organizers, it also “enhances the business environment for broadband, mobile wireless, information technology, networks, cable, satellite and unified communications.”
This month TIA hosted one of their largest conferences − Network of the Future − where major service providers convene to discuss the significant trends driving our industry such as software defined networking (SDN), big data, Internet of Things (IoT), virtualization (NFV), enterprise transformation, next gen mobile technologies, and more.
Sameh Yamany was a presenter and shared with me some very compelling observations. As JDSU’s vice president and CTO of applications and analytics in our Network and Service Enablement business segment, Sameh was actively involved in the forums, seminars and lively interaction with customers, partners and other industry stakeholders.
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Sameh (pictured middle): "TIA’s event was all about the future of telecom networks given the increase in SDN and NFV. . . this demand is driven by the rise of M2M, IoT and big data analytics and their applications."
Heading into the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) event in Dallas, what were the major trends in the communications space that JDSU was most passionate about?
The event was all about the future of telecom networks given the increase in SDN and NFV.  According to participants, this demand is driven by the rise of M2M, IoT and big data analytics and their applications.
What were three big take aways? How were the panels?
Here are my big take aways:
- SDN and NFV is here and happening fast according to major carriers
- Big data is still facing challenges due to cost and complexity of infrastructure
- VoLTE is still in its early phases of deployment 
Another interesting area I observed is that many of the IoT applications focus initially on location-based applications (JDSU has a solid location intelligence offering). The panel for SDN was very interactive and generated a lot of great feedback. The big data analytics panel was very interactive, focused on the need to create more intelligence at the acquisition of the data before it becomes big and costs more to perform analytics.
How do you see JDSU evolving to help meet the major demands on providers today – take, for example, workforce efficiency? Big Data?  VoLTE?”
JDSU is able to effectively address the main challenges and demands of service providers today.  We offer great solutions and expertise for workforce efficiency and automation in the case of SDN culture change, for example. At TIA's event, we highlighted how smart data analytics are essential for managing the complexity of big data and at the same time serves as the "brain" that controls and enhances NFV and SDN functions. JDSU understands how to manage the complexity and knows the importance of visibility into real customer experience, in particular with new VoLTE services deployments.  The story of our eventual, planned transition into Viavi resonated with a lot of the service providers attendees going through transformations such as SDN and NFV, looking for us to consult them and partner with them in this transformation period.

Dr. Sameh Yamany is JDSU’s vice president and CTO of applications and analytics in the company's Network and Service Enablement business segment

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